send any queries to wpir@unipv.it

  1. Send any queries to wpir@unipv.it
  2. For queries relating to the completion of the enrollment procedure (e.g. required documents, visa deadlines): admission@unipv.it
  3. For administrative queries relating to your student career (e.g. information about student fees, requests for certificates, problems filling out your study plan, or signing up for individual exams): Filo Diretto [link to: https://a1700.gastonecrm.it/filo-diretto/#/login]
  4. For queries relating to the contents or organization of courses:
  • First, check the course syllabus and other information on the relevant KIRO page. The answer may already be there!
  • If necessary, write to the relevant course teacher (professors’ emails can be found here [link to: https://scienzepolitiche.unipv.it/persone/ ] or in the university directory [link to: https://web.unipv.it/rubrica/ ])
  • If your question is more general, relating to more than one WPIR course, or if the individual teacher is unable to answer, you may contact the degree program coordinator (Prof. Marco Clementi)

5. For queries relating to the Library of the Department (loan and consultation of books and periodicals, catalogues, online resources, databases etc.): biblioteca.scienzepolitiche@unipv.it

6. Information for Erasmus incoming students