Internships, labs and practice courses

The University of Pavia offers many part-time job collaborations at the University Offices and internships opportunities in Italy and abroad to current students and new graduates.

The first step is a convention between the institution/company and our university.

You can check if a convention is already active here:

A new agreement through Almalaurea can be proposed by contacting and ask for forms in English-

The second step is an individual internship project that can be submitted after the convention is active.

Offers and agreements on the Almalaurea platform (in Italian)

All internships must be approved in advance. Contact:

-          prof. Berkofsky for content:  <>

-          the internship office for administrative aspects:  <>

  1. Find a suitable internship.
  2. Enable an agreement between the University of Pavia and the institution where you expect to be working as an intern. Check if there is an agreement already in place:
    If not, the agreement (convenzione) can be arranged through the Almalaurea platform: When the agreement is finalised, you can complete the project for the internship as specified in the following step.
  3. Fill in details regarding the internship project on the ALMALAUREA online portal :
  4. Either you or the company then need to contact Mrs Cazzola ( ) who will send the agreement and the project form (in English) to fill out. Alternatively, you can download and print the agreement, and then sign it.
  5. Now you can commence the internship. Please remember that 150 hours internship is equal to 6 credits, 225 hours = 9 credits, 300 hours = 12 credits.
  6. Once you have finished the internship, please send the following documents to the Administrative office (Via Sant’Agostino 1), either via FILO DIRETTO or by personal delivery:
    •  the final questionnaire which needs to have been filled in by your internship tutor (modulo di giudizio finale a cura del tutor aziendale) on the online portal ALMALAUREA (the link to the questionnaire is generated and sent directly to the internship tutor at the end of the training project. If the total number of hours was reached sooner than expected, an early closure of the internship can be requested through the online portal ALMALAUREA);
    • the form with detail of the hours undertaken that has been filled in during the internship, duly signed by the internship tutor on each page.


If you are going to register credits gained through courses offered by the Osservatorio di Pavia, you must send the document certifying completion of the course to

For further information on the procedure, please contact