Testimonials and Careers

Given its interdisciplinary and comparative nature, the Laurea Magistralis in World Politics and International Relations provides students with a broad perspective on current global issues, an understanding of the genesis and the evolution of major international changes, and an ability to recognize and evaluate their theoretical and practical outcomes.

This broad-based training in international affairs offers a solid basis for careers in national diplomatic services, in International Governmental Organizations (including European organizations), and in NGOs, as well as positions for analysts and consultants in internationally oriented private and public companies, public administrations, and research institutes. It also offers the basis for continued university studies at the Ph.D. level.


Dorcas Heward-Mills - WPIR Student 2021-2023

"I was interested in IR because I wanted to develop a comprehensive awareness of global society and acquire the knowledge, skills, and requisite qualification that, given my future objectives and potential professional career. I have learned a great deal about the historical roots of global and regional superpowers, the comparison of political economies with relevant models, important security, legal, and diplomatic issues that embody international relations…”


Kristoffer Andreas Auklend - WPIR Student 2021-2023

“My decision to enroll in the WPIR master’s program at the University of Pavia stemmed from its distinctive multidisciplinary approach. I found the WPIR courses to be exceptionally interactive, a subtle distinction that I think significantly impacts our ability to communicate effectively and deliver compelling presentations. As a multidisciplinary program, WPIR offers a broad array of elective courses, which provided me the opportunity to…




Jacqueline Tacconelli - WPIR student 2021-2023

I had remained like this, stopped at the first steps of many routes, with my spirit full of worlds.” – “Uno, nessuno e centomila” by Luigi Pirandello

“University of Pavia was the perfect solution for my MA journey. In WPIR you will establish a close interaction with your colleagues and your lecturers, all having very international backgrounds which is one of the chief assets of this degree. I feel I can always share my knowledge and seek assistance from my instructors who are able to provide personalized feedback to each of us… ”

Filippo Cotta

Filippo Cotta - WPIR student 2018-2019

“I attended my Bachelor’s in Pavia and I fell in love with the city thanks to its chill yet international vibe. Pavia is tiny yet vibrant as it is packed with Italian and international students. I learned how to properly conduct research, and perfected my academic writing proficiency in English and French. This enabled me to publish English-language articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. The WPIR program definitely helped me in developing skills that…”


Ruslan Minich - WPIR alumnus

“What you expect when you plan a visit to an Italian town is to see ancient buildings, to experience grand medieval architecture, and to enjoy being part of a unique and lively environment. Pavia is this kind of town. The old University, its perfect location, the good public services around town, and the availability of studying facilities offer the necessary conditions to facilitate the learning process. Thanks to the work of the many students’ organizations, entertainment are guaranteed: you will never be bored here! ”


Najam ul Hasan - WPIR alumnus

“Studying at the University of Pavia has helped me to approach knowledge through a different prism. Because I find the lifestyle and study environment so enjoyable, I have found new energies for studying and achieving my goals. The constant interaction with visiting international speakers and colleagues has given me a chance to think about world politics from a broader and more nuanced angle. I feel that I have made here many useful connections that will contribute to developing my network in regard to both my professional and social life. My stay at Pavia has refined me as a student and will surely help me to build a good life and career ahead.’’


Marta Mantovani - WPIR alumna

“The experience as a WPIR student has represented an authentic growth path both at the academic level and as a human being. Having the chance to debate and exchange views concerning historical and political processes of evolution in the international relations among countries with other colleagues from all over the world has been a great experience of learning and improvement. Thanks to our professors we always had the possibility to spend time studying and reflecting on global issues of great interest from several perspectives. As a WPIR Student I also had the chance to experience a period of time abroad doing an internship in Madrid where I truly applied most of the skills I have achieved and strengthened during our course classes.”


Simona Spampinato - WPIR alumna

“I consider World Poltics and International Relations a valid educational experience that has enriched and strengthened my oratory, organizational and team-working skills, qualities that are increasingly demanded in any work context. Besides, the English language is a necessary tool for breaking down the communication barriers that hinder personal growth. Other important elements are the projects provided in order to undertake study-trips abroad. For example, I had the opportunity, through the scholarship ‘Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge’ to conduct my research thesis in Chile. In my opinion, being in an unknown place, where people speak a different language, allowed travelers to “compete” with themselves, to get involved and hence, to improve.”

Lennard Ann

“I decided to join the World Politics and International Relations Master’s program at the University of Pavia because it offers an extensive selection of courses that provide students with knowledge and skills in various areas. Pavia is a university town where you’ll meet people from all over the world. This is particularly true for the WPIR program – the extraordinary diversity of our course is invaluable and creates a truly international study experience”.

Marica Dall'Asta

“Studying World Politics and International Relations has been a unique experience. These two years can be described as an opportunity for professional and personal growth. Surrounded by the stimulating academic environment of the University of Pavia, learning has been an active and satisfying process where ideas and opinions are discussed with professors and students. This is why I think that the most valuable feature of this Master’s course is its human capital. Above all, the high number of foreign students from all over the world has represented an extraordinary occasion to learn about different cultures and traditions. In fact, the WPIR community goes beyond the University walls and extends to everyday life. This experience has given me indispensable tools to deepen my study of International Relations, but most importantly it has allowed me to create important connections with people, which is something that cannot be learned in books”.


Margherita Levi - WPIR alumna

“The WPIR Master program was an inspiring and challenging adventure that provided me with what I consider the most important experience of my life. At the beginning of 2014, thanks to the suggestion of one of my professors, I applied for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship aiming at preparing my Master final paper on EU democracy promotion. In September 2014 I left Milano to reach Tunis, where I spent nine beautiful months reading, interviewing and discovering a new country, its people and its culture.”

Lydia Alaiadi, Current occupation: Political Analyst/ Contributor for the Economist Intelligence Unit by The Economist (WPIR Student 2020-2022)

Lydia Alaiadi, Current occupation: Political Analyst/ Contributor for the Economist Intelligence Unit by The Economist (WPIR Student 2020-2022)

“The World Politics and International Relations program combines many fields and offers the most holistic approach to international relations. As a result, it contributes to the most comprehensive approach to international politics, from theoretical approaches to applying legal knowledge and learning multiple research methods, including ideas and strategies. I was interested in International Relations because world politics and international relations impact domestic politics significantly. Someone who chooses the field of political science must care about…“


Natalia Dziadyk - Migration studies researcher at Central European University (WPIR Student 2016-2018)

“I found out about the World Politics and International Relations programme on the Internet and decided to apply. I very much wanted to be accepted because it was an international degree taught in English in a multicultural environment, and a degree offered by an Italian university that is home to many great professors. I gained so much thanks to WPIR. Since I work in an English-speaking academic environment, most of the knowledge and skills I need were developed in Pavia. This is not only academic English but also research skills. During the master’s programme, we had to write quite a few papers each semester, which turned out to be extremely useful in training how to define puzzling issues, construct an argument, and make a coherent text. WPIR also helped to develop confidence in public speaking and learn how to appreciate what your colleagues bring to the discussion. I think that the University of Pavia made me love the pursuit of knowledge and research even more because of its inspirational environment.”


Micol Cesarani, Current occupation: Programme Development Specialist at Plan International UK (WPIR Student 2014-2016)

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“I found WPIR as the most suitable faculty to reach my career objectives, mainly because of its multidisciplinary approach, multicultural environment, eminent professors, and the scholarship opportunities offered by UNIPV. On the one hand, the knowledge of international politics dynamics I gained through many of the classes offered at WPIR has been a great basis for developing hard skills… “