Pavia has a good supply of student accommodation, both private and provided by the town’s system of university colleges.

Colonnato Collegio Cairoli

Collegio Cairoli

The University colleges are divided into “merit” colleges (collegi di merito) and “right-to-study” colleges (collegi dell’EDiSU). Places in the merit colleges are assigned according to academic merit, and access is highly competitive. Places in the right-to-study colleges (which constitute the majority of colleges) are less expensive and are assigned on the basis of need, giving priority to students with lower family incomes. The oldest colleges (which are both merit colleges) were founded in 1564 (Collegio Borromeo) and 1567 (Collegio Ghislieri), while the two most recent (Collegio del Maino and Collegio Volta) were founded in 2000.

Gardens Collegio Fraccaro

Collegio Fraccaro

The Colleges include catering and self-catering accommodation (normally with kitchens on each floor for student use). Most admit both undergraduate and graduate students and places are offered for the whole academic year, with the exception of Christmas and Easter vacations. As well as functioning as student residences, the Colleges also organize some teaching and many cultural events (from concerts to political discussions), most of which are open to the public.

Admittance to a College is not necessary for admission to the University of Pavia. Indeed, many students find accommodation through the private housing market, which offers competitive prices both for shared flats and for more independent solutions.

Collegio Nuovo

Collegio Nuovo

The “right to study” agency (called EDiSU – short for Ente per il diritto allo studio universitario) is responsible for applications both for a place in one of the EDiSU colleges and for reduced university fees on the basis of family income. Applications are normally invited (through an official announcement or bando) at the beginning of July, and the deadline is normally in the first half of August. As things stand currently, the application must be made in Italian.

The merit colleges operate individually. Most of them accept a limited number of applications from prospective postgraduate students, and their deadlines normally occur between spring and early summer. Some contact addresses and further information on the merit colleges are provided here.

The University of Pavia website contains further information in English about accommodation and life in Pavia.