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Model United Nations Club
United Nations General Assembly Hall

Have you ever dreamt about a future diplomatic career or are you just really interested in issues of international politics?

Have you ever considered the possibility of taking part in public debates to support the position of a country you are requested to represent?

Are you interested in discovering how an international organization works?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, taking part in a Model United Nations Club is an experience you should try.

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In Model United Nations simulations, every student represents a country in one of the different bodies or agencies of the UN. This provides you with experience of what it means “stay in character”, supporting a point of view that might be different from your own. Attending a MUN will also boost your public speaking skills since you are called upon to speak in front of several people; it will help develop technical English language, both oral and written; most of all, it will be a great chance to get to know people from different countries who – if you are lucky enough – can become lifelong friends.


A group of World Politics and International Relations students has founded a Model UN Club here at the University of Pavia!

Tell us who you are, what your interests and your abilities are, and how you would like to participate.

Please contact us: wpir@unipv.it or munclubunipv@gmail.com